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Version 1.1.1 of the demo is up, and with it a lot of things have been updated. A full log is shown in here:

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Version 1.1.1 notes:
- The Lost Forest puzzle now works correctly, pointing when you make a mistake to solve the puzzle (and have to restart it).
- The platform puzzle.... well now it works, previously it could be solved fairly easily due to the arrangement of the platforms and the fact that one could reach a supposedly out of reach platform.
- Also, now a door blocks the puzzle prize, so it can only be obtained by solving the puzzle.
- A cinematic that wasn't playing in the Nexus, at the start of the game is now working.
- There shouldn't be any more dolls appearing from thin air.
- Visual guidance is given to spot places to which Iris can't go.
- The druid sounds now work correctly.
- Now, all gallery pages should appear.
- Gallery pages prompt a text to inform that one has been found.
- Quit to Title shouldn't be confusing anymore when using a joypad.

Version 1.1 notes:
- In the Paintings Puzzle, if you interacted with a painting when not holding a gem, and then wanted to put a gem on it, without leaving the area, it wouldn't let you. This has been fixed.
- When completing the paintings puzzle, the camera would be left zooming on the painting while playing a scene. This has been fixed.
- When completing the paintings puzzle, if the action button was pressed, the scene would not play out correctly. This has been fixed.
- After reentering the area of the paintings puzzle, Porcelain's cage would not opened. This issue has been fixed.

Version 1.0.1 notes:
- The Nexus sometimes had some images that were bleeding in some Graphics quality settings. It has been fixed for all.

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