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Version 1.10 - Requires reinstall by deleting old "Data" folder.

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Version 1.10

- Added the Grand Caliphate to the game. It serves as the mod's dedicated Middle Eastern faction.
- Completely redid folders so that memory and space is freed up. Decreases loading times. (Thanks to Wordsarecool)
- New Regiments (All factions): Spies.
- Can only be targeted by certain units (Base defenses, dogs, upgraded infantry/vehicles/helicopters).
- Bandits: Thief regiment. Gives info. on enemy economy and steals money. Only variant that can defend itself.
- China/Russia/URE/USA: Agent regiment. Gives info. on enemy economy and reduces supply for targeted structures. These factions also have airborne variants.
- Werewolves: Agent regiment. Gives info. on enemy economy and steals money.
- New Unit: Guard Dog. Each faction gets a variant. Excellent against infantry and spies. One bite kills most infantry.
- Artillery Base Defense.
- New effects: Flashlights and Gun lasers. Given to select infantry. Flashlights only appear at night.
- Replaced Nuke Trike with a unique nuke truck model.
- Replaced some Russian gun models with better quality ones (AK-47, AK-74, RPK, etc).
- Added 2 new bandit music tracks.
- Helicopters no longer knock over trees when passing overhead.
- Changed music for Russia. It is now more unique and more fitting to the faction.
- Editor - Moved European units/regiments/structures to their own section in the editor.
- Major AI revisions (Thanks to Wordsarecool).
- Countless bug fixes (Thanks to Wordsarecool for finding and fixing many of these).
- Fixed T-84 (RUS Light Tank) skin.
- Fixed campaigns needing the tutorial (Thanks to 88nosebleed).
- Speaker Towers now work properly (Thanks to WordsareCool).
- Artillery regiment fixes (Thanks to WordsareCool).
- Rebalanced Special HQs (Thanks to WordsareCool).
- Numerous unit balance fixes (Thanks to WordsareCool).

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