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Latest patch has been released on our site. In addition to fixing a couple bugs and some balance changes, it adds new content.

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The latest version has been released on our website.

Content*More optimizations to the code*Added a new Lower Floor: Abyssal (Improves Tower Spell)*Imps now have a Finisher skill (requires current Imp to be resummoned to get)*Enemy Mages will now use Tower Spells (turned off on Easiest difficulty)*Construction window now sorts the Floors by category instead of only alphabetically*Added a new skill: Steal*Added a new training: Thievery*Added a new dungeon to Lost Plains: Alren's Memorial
Balance*Reduced the Factor of Stamina Strike*Forge, Workshop, Research, and Archive floors now increase Income*Towers now have a base Income amount*Withering Touch is now based more on Might than Essence*Reduced chance that the skill Will of Stone will be used by enemies*Thief background now grants Steal instead of Hollow Strike (new characters only)
Fixes*Fixed a rare bug that could cause the game to be stuck on the same day*Added a check to ensure an extremely unlikely crash never happens*The Wandering Gronli will no longer kill the player instantly*Fixed a bug where choosing the Endurance trait would not give HP*Fixed a slight animation bug on the Archive Lower Floor

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