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Version 1.1 includes fixes for all known issues, several new features and codes, new scenes, new items, and changes to troops. Full Changelog, Features and Credits document in mod download.

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Changelog from Version 1.0 to version 1.1

Fixed bug where townspeople would spawn during bandit night attack in towns.
Fixed Akkedan town scene.
Fixed the Ashford town scene.
Fixed spot on map near Spahtum Castle where troops might get stuck.
Fixed skybox errors occuring when HDR not enabled (change to skyboxes.txt)
Fixed some of the problematic dialogs with Barezan at the salt mine. It appears to work fine now.
Fixed the faction relations report to correctly show the two new factions and also correctly name the Eastern Province.
Sebival Noyan now has appropriate civilian clothing.

Other coding changes and improvements:
I have added some code to allow player to change his/her banner in the camp menus. Credit: based on Caba'drin's instructions.
I have also added code to allow the player to change party name once they reach 200 renown. Credit: Caba'drin's Custom Player Party Name OSP.
Integrated newer version of Rubik's Perfect Troop Tree Presentation to also show the troops' equipment, skills, and proficiencies.
Player can now start in the two new faction capitols (Ashford and Akkedan). The town merchant quests will work for both towns. There is only a generic scene for the bandit hideout part of the quest, but it works fine.
Changed the banner selection presentation to give the player a choice of more of the added banners.
Recruitment from castles and towns requires 200 renown (as in version 1.0) and now player must be member of faction that owns castle or town (can be a faction lord or a mercenary in the employment of the faction).
Buying your troops a feast in taverns will improve morale and costs 5 denars per troop rather than a flat sum of 100 denars.

Troop and Item Changes:
I have made numerous troop and items changes since version 1.0. All the changes would make quite a long list so I will just list those changes that seem most significant.
I have increased the pole-arm capabilities of all melee troops to enhance the effectiveness of pole-arms. Spears are now even more viable for AI.
Some of the factions' young nobles (Swadians and a few others) had 0 for athletics. I gave them 3 in athletics.
I reduced the level, skills, and proficiencies of Masterless Men so they are less over-powered and don't have horses. They are still tough hombres that the new adventurer should avoid. This change also affects the combat capability of Edric Streona's party since he has a bunch of Masterless Men in the party. He will be a bit easier to beat but still tough with 150 good troops.
Created new armors and added additional OSP resources to provide even more armors, helmets, and weapons to each of the factions. The biggest changes were made to the Eastern Province, Khergiz, Swadians, and Rhodoks. The Eastern Province is even more Byzantine in appearance (especially thanks to IgorBB's latest OSP armors) and much more distinct from the Khergiz. The Khergiz have much of the flavor of the native Khergits. The Rhodoks troops now have a more consistent look to them in terms of helmets, armor, and weapons. The Swadians have more and better helmets and better armor (I gave them the most advanced armors of all factions to help balance them a bit better). Minor changes were made to Nords, Keltons, Sarranid, and Vaegir equipment.

New Scenes:
I replaced the Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack with Quasar's Siege Ladders pack v1.24. Several players noted that some of the sieges did not work properly in version 1.0. I have not compared all of the Quasar sieges to all of the Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack so I can't say which is better overall. I have used both packs in various version of this mod and like them both. The advantage of using Quasar's pack is that it doesn't require changes to the or scenes.txt so that if any of the sieges don't work, they can be replaced by the Native scenes. In the Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack, several changes needed to be made to the scenes.txt, making swapping between the modded scenes and Native scenes more problematic.
I replaced the scenes for 3 of the 4 Kelton castles with other castles from the Historic Castles Project v 1.2 and renamed those 3 castles. Clifford Castle was changed to Heardburgh Castle (using Classic Motte & Bailey 1), Pevensey Castle to Suthweard Castle (using Classic Motte & Bailey 2), and Llansteffan Castle to Tonbridge Castle (using Tonbridge Castle). The castles's villages were also renamed to reflect the new castle names.
I replaced the Akkedan town scene with Ruthven's scene of Narra.

New OSP Resources not listed in original version 1.0:

Al Manseur- selected helmets
Aquietfrog's lamellar texture
ARriad's Mace Pack
Brego's Avar Horse Helm from Imperium Graecorum mod
Dejawulf- selected helmets
Dia151 Mongol Armor Pack- Mongol armor.
IgorBB OSP (2015 update): selected armors and helmets
Rathos Helmets- selected helmets
Rathos Weapons Pack- selected weapons
Russia 13th Century: Way of the Warrior mod- selected armor and weapons.
Spak OSP Items- selected weapons.
Varangian Helmet from AD 1257 mod

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