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Version 1.1 is here! Thank you all for your feedback and support! Here is an update that should address all concerns and noted problems with 1.06a.

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More details: Version 1.1

Since the update I began to notice more AI errors throughout gameplay, Human AI have been re-coded to perform more smoothly and act as aggressors that don't just stand there. Human AI can be killed by zombies, but can also take out hordes before being overrun. Remember all areas outside safe zones are dangerous, don't approach without distraction measures or heavy firepower (guns may bring more down on you, try to clear out invested zones before attempting to focus only on Humans)


Fixed error with pistol force, lowered shop prices for selling guns, continued progress towards realistic weapon inventory for both AI and player.
Fun fact: the developers programmed unique weapons for players only, and made every AI weapon do around 10 damage to AI and player, thus making it virtually impossible for the player to be in a real intense situation and making the AI's ability to exist in the world as a threat to even the zombies almost non existent...not cool. I reworked every weapon to a more realistic system I created, hope every other immersion player appreciated this.


Getting tired of seeing that same yellow jersey zombie come running after you? Worked with the new developer tools to bring more zombies into different zones to add more depth to minions ***need testers*** Let me know what you are seeing and if you are having glitches (only tested to 13% ingame)
Goon/thug has been reworked, harder to kill, continues to pursue but fixed weapon disappearing glitch and made them slower than before.


****UPDATE: See videos section for more info!****

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