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Version 1.1 Changelog from Version 1.0 of Boss AI Mod for Generals (NOT ZERO HOUR).

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Boss faction with Advanced AI for Command and Conquer Generals (NOT ZERO HOUR).
The reason for creating this mod is i'm tired
of playing in zero hour due to many factions so,
why not make a mod in the original generals?
another reason is that the generals is some
kind of dead game and i want to make it alive
again! so i make this boss mod.
There is no new units or buildings in the usa,china or gla.
BOSS AI is also NEW!

Unfortunately, version 1.0 and 1.1 are removed for some reason.

---Version-1.1-Changelog from Version 1.0:--------------

- Boss AI only builds one superweapon(Even in Brutal).
- Boss overpower fixed. (Teams and buildings reduced).
- USA Particle Cannon has a bigger width and greater damage
- China Nuclear Missile now damages repeatedly not once.
- GLA Scud Storm damage has been increased
- Boss Superweapons are still normal and no changes
(e.g. Particle Cannon has still the same width so
it would be fair to other factions.)
- 1 NEW 2 Player MAP
- Fortress Avalanche and Twilight Flame has been edited
for AI to have bigger base expansion.
- Added one additional skillsets for each AI.

---End of Version 1.1 Infos -------------------------------

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