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Version 1.08 with full support for the game version 1.08 out now!

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And a new patch always requires some adjustments in the launcher's functions.


This time the patch hit me with slightly bad timing, as I was working on the redesign of the launcher. So I am sorry for the slight delay on the release, but I think it's worth it. I did not only clean out several functions, but I also added new more dynamic functionality into the core of the application, which now allows the launcher to support even user.settings which are not in the "right" place.

The appearance of the application changed as well, and is now way closer to the original launchers.

Version 1.07 Release Version 1.07 Release

Version 1.07 Release Version 1.07 Release

I still have some fine tuning left to do, to be satisfied, but for now I'm positively surprised with how good the workaround I used looks, but see for yourselves:

Now that is way closer than before, isn't it?
The installation as always is quick and easy, have a look at the description and you're ready to go.

But instead of babbling I'll go back to work...

Until then, have fun!

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