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About the first release of MustaphaTR's D2K Mod for OpenRA.

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Here are the changes from the OpenRA's D2K mod on release-20161019:

  1. Added 4 new faction. Fremen, Corrino, Mercenaries and Smugglers.
  2. Each faction now have 3 special unit and 1 ability. They are listed in the summary page.
  3. Each faction's Combat Tank now only have 1 plus, no minus. Atreides one has more Range, Fremen one is cheaper, Harkonnen one has more HP, Corrino one has more Firepower, Ordos one is quicker to move and turn, Mercenary one is quicker to fire and Smuggler one is quicker to build.
  4. Each Combat Tank has different Artwork (Turret and Base combanition).
  5. Ordos Saboteur is renamed to Suicide Bomber. Saboteur is now the name of Smuggler unit that can steal vehicles and disable Wind Traps (Power Down) and Outposts (Reshourd Enemy Map).
  6. Missile Tank is now available for Everyone.
  7. Concretes, Silo, Wall and Turrets are moved to a seperate Support Tab. It is a bit harder to get used to first, but it allows you to build normal structures and concrete at the same time, giving you some time.
  8. Edited some of the descriptions.
  9. Ornithopter now uses its original speed and can be shut down as in original.
  10. Carryalls now fall to ground when killed.
  11. Quads and Troopers now can attack Air.
  12. Edited Crate Powerups.
  13. Fremen Sietch can be build if developer cheats are enabled. It can be placed on cliffs looking south.
  14. Fixed that Turrets can be captured.
  15. There are now 7 tech levels as in original, but i moved Grenadier, Sardaukar, Stealth Raider and their counterparts to level 5 from 6.
  16. Starting units no longer contain Engineer but Hi-Tech Factory units of their side (2 dog for Smugglers instead).
  17. AI now uses Palace Units, except Suicide Bomber and Saboteur.
  18. Added 4 map from original game.

Note: Vehicle artworks can be considered placeholder, if i can find someone to help me i'll change them.

IFV Artwork by CombinE.

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