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About the 1.0.5 version of MustaphaTR's D2K Mod for OpenRA.

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  1. Given each side an AP Turret on Shellmap.
  2. Decreased Trike and Raider Damage by 50.
  3. Decrased Trooper damage vs Vehicles by 10%.
  4. Increased Light Tank damage vs Vehicles by 25%, Tanks by 20% and Harvesters by 5%.
  5. Increased Quad and Stealth Tank damage vs Tanks and Harvesters by 25%.
  6. Defences now detect cloak as in original.
  7. Infantry cloak detection range increased by half cell.
  8. Added 6 new multiplayer maps from Original Game.
    • Arakeen
    • Carthag
    • Leto's Erg
    • Mauddib's Cave
    • Thufir's Point
  9. Increased Crush Warn Probability of Palace infantry by 5%.
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