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Custom themes by editing .PNGs, height maps are now editable, graphical fixes, reduced file size, and more in this update!

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To remedy not being able to use Infiniminer or Minecraft's textures, we've added the ability for you to make your own custom themes using simple .PNG files.

“Retro” isn't a theme you like? Just copy and paste the “Retro” theme in the "LiquidCubed\Theme" folder and edit away! Load themes by pressing “T” and opening any file in the given theme's folder.

A tutorial for creating a theme is included in the “information.html” in the Themes folder, but I've also uploaded the tutorial here on ModDB as well. If you've made a fun theme, go ahead and upload it here to ModDB!

As the parser runs across the course, sometimes you'll actually see through the water along a chunk's seam. Fixing this visual defect is part of a larger step towards “infiniworlds”.

Also, occasionally when you're in the water just right, you'll see a bunch of polygons scattering everywhere. The scattering polygon problem is just a glitch in the water shader where it's trying to draw two things at the same depth. Which causes it look a little nutty.

Some other visual errors have already been corrected in this version, such as the "floating" 1/4 block in the air, and most of the issues with the "64x64x32" size course.

Try making a 16x256 heightmap in paint. You can do even larger sizes, but depending on your machine, the game might get a bit unstable.

This update was an aesthetic improvement, with the next to be a performance improvement -- The goal is proving infiniworld water's functionality, not remaking Minecraft -- but among the “fun” elements on our list, how would you arrange their importance?

A. Ability to switch between "free flight" and “walking”/collision mode.
B. Fluid interactable objects (fish, etc)
C. Reduce map file's HD space (they're enormous right now as .XML's)
D. More tools (Line tool, fill tool, rectangle tool, etc)
E. Perlin noise terrain generator
F. Higher resolution, better interface, HD visuals
G. More blocks available (more colors, vertical pumps, drains)

No promises, just curious. If there's something I'm missing for an extracurricular improvement, let me know.


I'd rank them as follows (from most important to least important): G (especially vertical pumps), E, D, F, B, C, A

Aside from that, great job so far!

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