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I won't be updating on ModDB any longer due to lack of user base and the frustration of double posting.

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Finally I have "completed" my first SoD2 Mod!

More than likely I will update this every other version or so of State of Decay, to keep it updated with current files and add support for new guns and any other items.

I still have a list of things I may or may not want to change but I am not certain about all of them quite yet.

I really dropped the ball on this "article" but I am tired from editing numbers... lol

Thanks for trying the mod as always and let me know if something doesn't work.

I lied about removing the randomness from Durability loss on weapons. The standard I used was 0.75-1.5 for most weapons and 1-2.5 for launchers.

Possibly more to come on this mod but now it's time to start on my real evil plan... KryoTronic's Fo-Realistic Nightmare Mod

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