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New version of the Titanium Wars Mod for Dark Crusade.

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Version 1.00.42 (17 May 2021)

Change log

- New Aliera's maps were created and added. The landscape has been improved on all new maps, the pathfinding glitches have been fixed. –°overs were added where they were missing. The passable rivers and ponds are shoot through now as it must be. A beautiful background has been added. A lore rationale has been invented and written. All maps are balanced according to Titanium Wars standards. New scheme of strategic points where there weren't enough of them. List of new Aliera's maps:
-- Streets of Vogen, Rhean Jungle. General improvements. Fixed slag deposits, balanced resources, and redrawned background.
-- Daturias Pits. TranspersonalPsy made important fix for this map. We made general improvements, redraw background, and re-balance resources in TWM-style.
-- Web on the Sand. The map from TranspersonalPsy. We made a little changes to this map: purely graphical, but important.
-- Blood River was made in two new versions: for 2 and 6 players. These maps were available in the previous release. However the new versions have improved graphics and gameplay. Altar of Khorne has been added to both versions. Construction on the river was blocked, but the version for 6 players has small islands around the Relic points on the river, that can be fortified with turrets.
-- Morriah Coast was made in two versions now. The first version of the Morriah Coast preserve original name and main ideas. This is the Morriah Coast familiar to all DoW-players, but new improvements were applied to it. The second version of Morriah Coast was made with new ideas, and it was named Drained Morriah Coast. In lore, on this map depicts the events following the Dark Crusade campaign. The number of slag deposits has been reduced. All slags were moved to other locations, and on places of the old ones lifeless craters smoke which reminiscent about lost wealth. Both versions of Morriah Coast are quite different in terms of gameplay. These are two different maps, even though it is one landscape.
-- Tranquilitys End has new versions for 4 and 8 players. The new maps are the endless expanse of Brianna's reserved world. These are big maps for global conflicts in TWM-gameplay style.
- Some other changes.
- UCS-files were updated.

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