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New version of the Titanium Wars Mod for Dark Crusade with Gargant (!!!) on board. GrOrc's dream has come true... Now grandfather of all DoW-mods with Titans has greatest uber unit for Orks!

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Version 1.00.37 (17 March 2020)

Change log

- !!! Greatest news within Titanium Wars Mod !!! Gargant was made. 3D-model and textures from BoyChaos. Very old his work, it was made in 2012. Additional work (lots! huge! time-eating!): additional 3D-corrections, new animations, OE-code, and gameplay realization from GrOrc. My work over it was started 11 May 2019. This unit in game since 17 May 2019 (technically). 18 May 2019 my first ordinary game with this ready unit from my hands. :) Congratulations! Orks celebrate!!! This day is happiest for them in the Titanium Wars Mod!
- New lesser hero for Orks -- Weirdboy, Orks' psyker. Limit 2. Available in Headcrushaz Banner. Can use abilities: Zzap, Frazzle, Warpath, Ere We Go. He unable to use his abilities without enough numbers of other Orks nearby. 3D-kitbash, new animations, OE-code, and gameplay realization from GrOrc.
- Mega Armored Nobz can be teleported over the battlefield now (with hero).
- Mad Dok from honour guard (in campaign) was renamed to Da Best Dok, and he have new ability Healing Juice. Provides temporary bonus to health regeneration rate of the Ork boyz or Squiggoth. Ordinary Mad Doks have no such ability.
- Necron Annihilation Barge model and textures were updated by BoyChaos. OE-code and some other additions in 3D were updated by GrOrc.
- Great update for Eldar Autarch. Now TWM have new model which is essentially reworked old unfinished model 2010. Many new anims, huge OE-code, and gameplay realisation from GrOrc. Now TWM has four type of Autarch: Autarch Scorpion, Autarch Banshee, Autarch Hawk (with Swooping Hawk Wings), and Autarch Skyrunner (on jetbike). All Autarchs can use grenades. Each Autarch has interesting weapon upgrades via TWM-wargear system. Some of them are essentially new.
- Significant update for Swooping Hawk and Swooping Hawk Exarch. Fixed some 3D bugs in 3D-geometry. Swooping Hawk Exarch wings are animated now. New aims-anims for these units which allow them shoot on any angle (360 degrees). Now Swooping Hawks are true assault units. In addition Swooping Hawk Exarchs can replace Hawk's Talons with a Sun Rifles (3D design from GrOrc).
- New system of Grav Platforms. Now all small Grav Platforms can be built separately. List of small Grav Platforms: Shuriken Cannon Grav Platform, Scatter Laser Grav Platform, Starcannon Grav Platform, Missile Launcher Grav Platform, Bright Lance Grav Platform. All of them have cumulative cap 10 now. Moreover small Grav Platform model was reworked in 3D by GrOrc, and now it can rotate its turret 360 degrees. Therefore small Grav Platforms can fire in move now on any angle. D-cannon Grav Platform, Shadow Weaver Grav Platform, Vibrocannon Grav Platform have cumulative cap 6 now. Any Grav Platform requires squad cap 1 only. This is true infantry support now.
- Shining Spear Squad uses support cap 2 (old value squad cap 1 and support cap 2). Can use grenades now. Their jetbikes can be upgraded with Shuriken Cannons.
- Reworked colour scheme for Eldar Jetbikes.
- All lesser daemons' OE-codes were updated (for future project). Horrors able to uncapture strategic points now.
- New special rework for Heroes scar-script. Builder Scarabs level 7 (and + 1000 EXP) are automatically transformed into Ancient Builder Scarabs. Also another new feature was made: reworked Heroes scar-script checks if a unit could be transformed (via possess mechanizm only) and if is it true, then experience will be trasferred to transformed unit. In the TWM for DC this new feature are used only for pair of squads: Chaos Lord - Demon Prince. Also another new feature: units level info is visible for all players now. And great new feature: units' level info and attached units' level info are shown on taskbar now! And with tooltips! Thus the levels are not just abstract words and numbers, but now it is detailed element of legend of the game. The old levels' counter (in the combat screen) was preserved and it can be shown/hided by clicking on the words about the levels in the taskbar.
- Fixed bug with AI Donations scar-script. Now AI Donations works after save-load procedure.
- Fixed sound for Griffon Mortar Tank and Hydra AA tank.
- Some other very important changes.
- UCS-files were updated. Huge update with new references to the legend of the W40k-universe.

Version 1.00.38 (21 April 2020)

Change log

- Some changes were made for synchronization with TWM-SS version 1.00.27.
- UCS-files were updated.



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