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Version 1.00 has been released! Main changes: - Added China and Europe - New Campaign - New Special Ops - New Weapon Types - Greater Faction Diversity

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Major Game Changes:

- New camo pattern for the United Republic.
- Re-enabled Airborne HQs (Using Infantry HQs for airborne infantry wasn't working well for the AI)
- Overhauled the regiments available at Airborne HQs and made new models for the buildings.
- Support HQ: All Logistics HQ regiments moved here to remove invisible build bug from player and ai.
- Support HQs recruit engineer and supply truck regiment variants.
- Logistics HQs now only recruit depots and Support HQs.
- New engineer types (Affects conventional factions only - Russia, China, United Republic, Europe):
- Re-enabled Mechanized HQ for Werewolves to make room for new guntrucks and technicals.
- Added "Advanced Weapons HQ" to UR with many different laser and railgun units.
- Added "Advanced Weapons HQ" to Russia with many different Plasma and EMP units.
- Plasma helicopters remain at Helipad.
- Added "Heavy Weapons HQ" to China with many different Heavy Weapons units.
- Incendiary regiments, including mortars and artillery.
- Heavy Infantry (Chaingun, flamers, etc.)
- Added "People's Militia HQ" to China with many different militia units.
- New Unit Type: Commissioned Officer.
- Designates targets, lowering their damage resistance.
- New unit type: Commando.
- Airborne Commandos added to conventional factions (Russia, United Republic, and Europe)
- New Unit Type: Sappers. All factions now have a recruitable demolitions regiment.
- New Werewolf Regiment: Smokescreen regiment.
- New Bandit Regiments: Heavy regiments (Mixed units consisting of AT, AA, Mortar and MG infantry).
- New Regiment (Russia): Spetsnaz AT (Uses anti-material rifle).
- New Regiment (Russia): Chaingun scout.
- Effective against air.
- Re-enabled mortar infantry units and regiments for conventional factions.
- Added a new economic building to all factions, allowing player to trade extra oil/ammo for cash. These are engineer-built.
- Added light tanks and four guntruck variants to the Bandits.
- Added chemical mortars to bandits.
- New structure: Security Camera (Available for UR and URE): "Detects" enemies, reducing their damage resistance.
- New structure: Propaganda Towers (Available for Russia and China): Lowers enemy morale and damage resistance.
- Added several technical and guntruck variants.
- General alterations to base defenses for better overall faction consistency.
- Modified laser turret model and attack. Now a dual-barrel defense.
- Modified EMP turret model.
- Additional attack damage vs. aircraft (Machine Gun Infantry).
- Radar and nuke bunker model updates.
- Helicopters no longer use rockets against infantry - Only MGs.
- TOW and associated anti-tank missiles (Example: Bradley) only target vehicles/buildings. Main gun still targets infantry.
- New Generic General AIs (WIP)

Additional Changes:

- Added faction details in Custom map mode.
- Many new UI unit icons.
- Several new and altered UI heads.
- Added radios, backpacks, and AT ammo pack details to appropiate infantry.
- New Laser effects (Infantry, vehicle, and tri-barrel).
- New EMP effects.
- New Plasma effects (Infantry, vehicle, and tri-barrel).
- Modified RUS depots models.
- Experience Rank Changes (To make experience ranks more useful):
- First rank unchanged for all unit types.
- Second rank gets Trailblazing for all unit types.
- Third rank gets Trailblazing and Self-Healing for all unit types.
- A few new Russian voices replacing the old ones.
- New voice lines for one Russian general.
- Added some generic AIs to choose from (Tank General, Paratrooper General, etc.)
- Numerous skin and model fixes.

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