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The finalized list of Eggman Empire techs 1-3 units for version 1.0 of the mod. More units will be gradually added in future versions.

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Tech 1 (Classic Era) Space Units:

Wing Fortress
Death Egg

Tech 1 (Classic Era) Land Units:

Death Egg Robot
Death Egg Robot MK.2
Big Arm
Buzz Bomber
Egg Robo

Tech 2 (Adventure 1 & 2 Era) Space Units:

Egg Carrier
Egg Carrier 2
Space Colony ARK

Tech 2 (Adventure 1 & 2 Era) Land Units:

E-1000 (Mass Produced E-102 Gamma)
Egg Viper
Egg Hornet
Egg Walker
Egg Golem

Tech 3 (Heroes Era) Space Units:

Final Fortress
Sawfish Battleship
Manta Cruiser
Mako Gunship

Tech 3 (Heroes Era) Land Units:

Egg Pawns (Early level, many variants)
Egg Flappers
Egg Hawk
Egg Albatross
Egg Emperor

Tech 1 Heroes:

Metal Sonic

Tech 2 Heroes:

E-102 Gamma
E-101 Beta

Tech 3 Heroes:

Neo Metal Sonic (Metal Overlord in space combat)

Will post Techs 4-5 soon.


Interesting... what about the Mobians and the G.U.Ns?

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I would have thought the space colony ark would be a starbase.

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MD456 Author

Well, yes and no. It acts as an additional starbase at whichever planet you station it at. It takes a while to move, but is a powerful defense.

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Are you including the sonic 06 egg carrier, and what about the shadow the hedgehog egg fleet?

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MD456 Author

Yes, both will be available at Tech 4. The Egg Fleet ships will be seperate, obviously.

The 06 Egg Carrier will have high firepower since it had so many guns, and it's engines will have a bit of a surprise in store for the enemy who destroys them...

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first: Great idea!
second: Aw, no Egg-Genesis? :(
third: You should not sort by era but by strength, otherwise you will run low on space units on tech five.

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