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The refining process goes on. I've uploaded a new version, which addresses certain bugs and minor mapping errors shown in's latest LP episode.

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Version 10

Change log:

- fixed overlay issue on bailey 86 map. The overlay layer was askew by 32 pixels, I've shuffled it back into place.

- refined stealth section, should work much better now (let me know if you find problems). I made the determining triggers for being 'discovered' more strict, which should hopefully correct the whole 'being seen even when you're clearly hiding' issue.

- changed pan distance, Bailey 87 right side. It went a little too far 'up' before. Now it doesn't.

- removed erroneous ground texture from Bailey 87 map. A part of the concrete path that wasn't removed when it should have been when that map was being assembled/designed. By no means a big thing, but I'm striving to be a perfectionist about my perfectionism.

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