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RobotWars v1.0 is ready to download! Strap on some lasers and enter the arena and fight against the most intelligent robots in the universe!

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Download Here

"You have been programmed for one thing and one thing only ... Combat! It is your responsibility to defeat and demonstrate your supreme hardware over the other robots and be victorious!"

Robot Wars is a first person shooter game that involves mechanical robots and laser beams. It is a four person death match arena game, with the ability to use 3 unique types of laser weaponry as well as other secondary abilities.

Respawn Pz has uploaded a Beta build, to help get some invaluable feedback to help improve the game.
Note: This game is in Beta, and is not a representation of the quality of the final product.

Download Here


As far as our testing has demonstrated, this game can run on most Windows-based systems. If you do run into any issues, please contact us at or leave a comment on this page.

Have fun!
Respawn Plz

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