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All work for the Clan Quest mod for "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines" is complete. The final product is now available for download.

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So, after everything I've done, I'm finally ready to release this mod on the world. There's still a lot of voice work that is left to be done, and a lot more that will likely never be completed. But that doesn't matter. Several fans have expressed their eagerness to play the game, even without the complete voice work.

I wrestled with filefront to get the file on their site for hosting, without getting corrupted during file transfer, and moddb doesn't seem to like transferring such a large file either, so I apologize that there's no link under the downloads tab. Instead, you can directly access the mod by downloading it from filefront, here:

The download includes the mod files themselves, a set of saved games which places you directly in front of the quest pick-ups, a readme file with complete installation instructions, the readme for the unofficial patch, and the installer for the 7z extraction program which is required to unzip the mod files.

I hope everyone likes it. Furthermore, I'm always open to criticism, suggestions, and of course compliments! You can e-mail me directly, PM me on Moddb, and I've also got a forum set up at the following location, were you can report problems or make suggestions:

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