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Beta testing may be considered concluded. There were no major errors found and we can now go on and continue building upon this. Download Version 1 now. Read more about the changes in Version One here below.

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V1. Update, February, 2010

*For game variation purposes, I added some new leaders. Two Vikings, one Collective, one Namyr and one Yatenga. These leaders also come with portraits of characters of mine from good old Morrowind. Yeah!
*Explorers can no longer enter rival territory without open border agreement.
*Corrected issue with the Crystallin gaining access to their longbowmen (Amazon archers) at research of Archery, which created imbalance.
*Added some more of SaibotLeih's units to the Crystallin. Gave them a superior Scout too.
*Added a Mounted Formation to the Yatengi, instead of Horse Archers.
*Redesigned the Royal Family. Now it is founded by The King at the completion of Monarchy (The Kingdom) and additional members are thereafter added upon subsequent techs.
*Added the Tech Court, which opens up The Queen for building.
*As a result of the Royal Family, I heightened research costs for Monarchy and Divine Right a bit.
*Removed the confusing Sid's Tips for all Techs and most of the units.
*Added the scenario "The Valley".
*Added the Angvina Civilization, along with proper leader and selection of units. They are a nation of people inhabiting the great southern rainforests.
*Included the map script Planet Generator 0.68. It has a tremendous amount of choices and creates truly beautiful, realistic and surprising maps!
*To conclude Version 1, I created the huge map "The World of Fairy Tale", which puts all Fairy Tale civs on one huge map of The Known World.

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