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Unplanned update to version 0.95, found a few things that need adjusted before I finished weapon durability.

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Changed a few things and have been working out what to do next. I have started work on durability changes for weapons but have not implemented them yet. While I was working on durability I thought about a couple other things that I didn't initially intend on changing.

I was running out of parts rapidly from shooting so much, which I know is intentional but I just love shooting. So naturally I changed parts yields when breaking down materials. I figured that if I use 2/5's of a ruck and a ruck is close in size to an 8 slot backpack then I should get multiple stacks of parts. Fuel is such a pain too, especially on nightmare. And it makes no sense that a backpack full of "fuel" only has 2 gas cans worth of fuel in it. So I changed the yield for loading gas cans as well. The machine shop can actually load 4 now vs the now normal 3. I also revisited Molly & Fuel Bomb costs and boosted them significantly. Suppressors now have new descriptions which reflect their new stats. I found that the stats on the suppressors were based on the silencer stereotype and suppressor myths. Unfortunately 100% realistic suppressors would be too loud without subsonic rounds as well so I made fo-realistic adjustments. The improvised suppressor is only 85% quieter than normal but it also costs less parts and doesn't reduce range nearly as much as before.

As always let me know if something isn't working or if you have any suggestions. Thanks for trying out my mod!

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