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We are trying to keep the flow going and made another bugfix release.

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This version is not network compatible with the previous versions. In this release we focussed on fixing stuff. This should make the game a little bit more stable, we still have a long way to go :)
New features:

  • Version check, when we release a new version you will be notified in the main menu
  • Obituaries ! (SomeDude? was killed.) Experimental, I'm open to changes.
  • Votes have now sounds.
  • support for MOTD's (message of the day) on servers, so server admin can advertise their forums, etc


  • Fixed a possible divide by zero which could result in a client crash
  • The forest map is playable again
  • Now a wrongly set g_limbotime value will not crash the server
  • TitaN655? fixed the ingame notes
  • All maps now have a default wait time of 20 seconds, so you have time enough to check the scoreboard.
  • When g_limbotime was lower or equal to (sv_fps/1000) you couldn't respawn, now it cannot be set lower.
  • Notebook was missing
  • Restart server immediatly when its empty don't wait 5 seconds, because this resulted in AI script errors
  • Mission failed now restarts the map and doesn't fade to black
  • Master server has now a hostname (I bought yay!), I also made sure that the IP's in your config files are replaced by this
  • hostname, this should also fix the empty serverbrowser issues on some clients
  • Cleanup in serverinfo cvars
  • When a server is spawned bots are removed first.
  • Challenge is reset when a client disconnects
  • Don't call GAME_CLIENT_DISCONNECT when a client reconnects.
  • Some memory cleanups when clients disconnect
  • MAN-AT-ARMS fixed the fog, great !
  • Cinematics are completely removed in crypt1 and church
  • Maxlives maxlives fixes (restart map if everyone is dead), also updated the HUD for this

Here you can see the update check in action:

Auto update checker


Very nice job. Making the mod install directly inside the game install is easier and faster :) Sadly it didn't detect my Steam RtCW, and so showed the default path. I guess it's coded to find the registry key of the original CD?

Does the installer make custom registry keys? So Xfire can support it, with all its features (In-Game Chat, screenshot, videos, broadcast, ...) :)

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