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Here is the contents of Arkeos Chronicle, version 0.72 :

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Here is the actual Content of the version 0/72 (3rd january 2018) :

  • A player + 1 friend to help you
  • Fight (melee and magic)
  • magic spells (upgradable) (attack, defense, heal, invocation...)
  • Xp and leveling : win xp when fight or quest resolution.
  • 43 secondary simple quests
  • 50 equipements, with level, grade and points. They can be upgraded in the Forge to improve your stat (damage, armor, life...).
  • Collect more than 120 objects. Buy or sale objects. Open chest to get more korie (money) or objects like Rune.
  • Collect Eggs of "Gaïfu", the pet who improve your character.
  • 8 statistics to improve (Vitality, dexterity, widsom, damage, magic, armor, intelligence...).
  • 13 regions ((16 maps for the moment)
  • 15 monsters (animated), 1 boss at the end of a region.
  • NPC : can give you a quest or they sale objects or equipements.
  • Skills : 16 simple skills, you can learned with parchmins, to add functionnality to the game (minimap, autofight...)
  • FX : Weather (rain, clouds, fog, snow), Magic, Night/day cycle, fight, lights and Shadows
  • regular update, new contents and more !
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