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Survivalist is now on 0.71v! I Hope you guys like the update :D

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its about time to show you guys the progress so far so here goes. This update included Zones 1-10 out of 25 compiled into one Build this time. Not much else to it really just a playable preview with little Gameplay yet to see the at the moment you guys are seeing the game go from a kinda cool open world in the v0.35 Builds onwards, but there came a point where we realised that the map at the time looked ok and seemed plausable for a Open World Survival Game, but it was not, it turned out the best Gameplay we could offer at the time given the Older Maps was to just to have some simple AI Chase you around the Map. This was not good enough, the thing was there was too much emptiness which was actually kinda difficult to work with, with little options for thats the reasoning behind the new Versions, most important is that yes it looks like lots of little Zones packed with Detail, however from Zones 11-25 they start to get bigger which will mean its not always gonna seam packed with Detail, there will be a mix of Highly Dense Areas and then other areas will be simple settlement and note when Playing is that yes everything seems blocked with Big walls and Giant rocks, but try to ignore these, once Development has reached a later stage they should be Removed revealing the Single Open Map just like before, of Course this will require a lot of Optimizing to allow for People with Older Computers to be able to Play. Althoug the Option will be kept to Play with the Divisions if you Prefer a More Linear Gameplay Experience, we'll see. Thanks for Reading, Hope you Like the Game so Far


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