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Modifies Queller AI at Uber difficulty for mod changes and adds more radar vision to the Vanguard.

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  • Modifies the Queller AI's Uber difficulty to accommodate the mod's changes


  • Vanguard
    • Increased radar range from 150 to 200


Issue: Not as good a spotter as cheaper Skitter or more flexible air.

Fix: Increase radar vision.

Why: The radar vision has been increased to match LOS vision provided by the Skitter. The Skitter remains better through both LOS and mine vision, but the Vanguard is now a convenient alternative to encourage the use of longer range units.

Skill impact: The additional radar vision will help at lower levels, where players struggle to effectively utilise the full range of their units. At the higher levels players will likely continue to utilise air as the primary spotter, but the Vanguard will offer them an interesting alternative to the Skitter and further incentivise its usage.

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