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Version 0.611 is released. Read on to find out all about it.

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Reformist Playing Version 0.6

Version 0.611 Is Released!
Read the following changelogs for updates.
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Perisno 0.611 HOTFIX ONLY (1.02mb)
Perisno 0.611 HOTFIX
Perisno 0.61 patch(31.91mb)
Perisno 0.61 patch
Perisno Version 0.6 (Full 1,189.57mb)
Perisno Version 0.6

- [Changed] Prince Linthradil to Princess Linthradil
- [Fixed] Some lords/ NPC would use their fists instead of a weapon
- [Fixed] Loading screens

- [Fixed] Doors leading to different places bug
- [Fixed] Map Bugs
- [Added] Drachen Priest Quests
- [Fixed] Some dialog typos/spelling errors
- [Changed] Throwing Hammer does blunt damage instead of cut damage.
- [Changed] Yoroi Armor weight increased from 5 to 15
- [Fixed] Typos of a few items
- [Fixed] Demonic Sword has thrust damage
- [Fixed] Dialog for mercenary recruiting
- [Fixed] Even more Calradia References
- [Fixed] Freelancer enlistment can no longer be exploited
- [Replaced] In a bunch of tracks (In-game music)
- [Changed] All lords have been overhauled again
- [Changed] Maccavian lords now have a split reinforcement template
- [Improved] Small quest objectives are now much clearer
- [Removed] The Castle of Elkaru - bugged for now
- [Added] 2 Special Unique Spawns
- [Changed] Red Immortals now much stronger
- [Changed] Massive troop overhaul and balancing

- [Added] New Faction (Valahir Clan)
- [Added] Expanded Map
- [Added] Faction Specific Mercenaries
- [Added] More household troops
- [Added] Zann troop tree
- [Added] 5 Illican minor faction quests
- [Added] 1 Bluewood Quest
- [Added] 2 New Gods/Old Gods quests
- [Added] 6 Faction specific lord level quests
- [Changed] All Towns now have new arena scenes
- [Added] 1 Castle 'Dungeon' scene (experimental)
- [Added] Zann Invasion
- [Added] Lore immersive random events
- [Changed] New Snow Texture
- [Added] 4 General Quests from Tavernkeepers and Ramun
- [Added] Can now buy slaves from Ransom Brokers
- [Added] General quests
- [Added] Lore NPCs
- [Added] Bounty hunting from tavernkeeper quests
- [Added] New adviser: The Spymaster
- [Added] Kingdom Patrols
- [Added] Kingdom special parties
- [Added] Kingdom scouts
- [Fixed] Some unique spawn bugs
- [Improved] Unique spawning system
- [Improved] Mercenary Wages
- [Fixed] Correct family relations
- [Added] All noble Troops and monarch household troops
- [Added] Freelancer Mod v.1.51
- [Added] Many new buildings
- [Improved] Better looking menus
- [Added] 1 New Adviser: The Highmarshal
- [Changed] Reich Des Drache to Reich Des Drachen
- [Removed] More Calradia Refernces
- [Changed] Dhapel-de-Fer to Chapelle-de-Fer
- [Changed] Hakkon King's Spearman to Hakkon Imperial Spearman
- [Added] Faction specific mercenary recruiters
- [Added] Noble Recruitment in towns and castles
- [Added] Sea Travel
- [Added] New Tournament NPCs (replace Xerina, Kradus, Dranton)
- [Added] 2 long quests
- [Added] WIP rumor system
- [Improved] Female Troop Tree (Sword sisters, etc.)
- [Added] Attack whoever you want when you come upon a battle
- [Added] New Mercenary Troops
- [Fixed] Formations Bug
- [Added] New Map icons
- [Added] Ridable Wolves

Dugan (Version 0.7) Dugan (Version 0.7)

[FH]Gorgutz - - 286 comments

Wait, I'm a little confused. Is this just a late changelog covering 0.6 up to the 0.611 Hotfix?

Or are we going to see another updated download soon? :O

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somethingunusual1000 - - 77 comments

no this is just the latest changelog in one place + 0.611 release news

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royz415 - - 3 comments

Hey guys I need help when I play Perisno, when I'm playing like 10 or 15mins the game went crashed "mount and blade has stopped working" :( I can't play constantly.

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Michadr Author
Michadr - - 1,345 comments

There are a variety of things that could cause this crash. I would need more info on it in order to help you.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 699,735 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 699,735 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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