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Things have been a bit hectic for us, as of late, but we wanted to release this update to address some outstanding issues and feedback we've received.

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Good day to you all, Doomers!

@DarynS here, making this release post. @BarefootMapMaker has been slammed with work lately, but we have been able to make some tweaks and fixes to the maps that we did want to get out to you all.

Before we get to the changes, I'd like to make sure everyone is aware that Dragon Sector (The Remake) now requires the use of GZDoom 4.11 to work. This will prevent the crash that happens at startup on older versions of GZDoom. If you download just the PK3 file, you'll need to keep this in mind. However, if you download our Full Pack, this is included, so you don't have to think about it.

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Other than that, this should be the last of the 0.5x series. I know we said that before, but there were a few bugs that crept in that we couldn't leave there. Plus, it gave us the opportunity to start sprinkling in the story cards throughout the maps. These should give you more insight as to what happened on this base. They are strictly optional. There's no items to collect, they're just messages left on computer screens for you to read.

We'd like to thank anyone who has downloaded the map set over the past few years, and we hope that you'll continue to stick with us as we learn and grow. We've still got a lot of fun and devilish ideas planned, so if you haven't already, give us a Watch on our main page.

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Now then, here are the changes in version 0.53!

  • GZDoom 4.11 is now required to run Dragon Sector. This is to avoid the crash when starting a new game.
  • Tweaks to all of the maps to make the secrets a bit easier to spot.
  • Changed the Supreme Fiend's BFG attack to a shattering projectile. The BFG made the encounter a bit too unfair.
  • Added Brightmaps to the Supreme Fiend to make it easier to see when it goes into a darker area.
  • Changed how the Friendly Security Bot and Drone work. They can no longer turn on you if you shoot them too much.
  • The Security Bot, Drone, and Turrets no longer do damage to the player if they're caught in a crossfire.
  • The Security Bot and Drone will stop moving is they are near the player, so it should be easier to have them follow you.
  • Integrated CamTex's Flashlight Mod based on some player feedback.
  • Started to add Lore to the maps. These take the form of Comm screens you can read, if you want to. We have always had story explanations for the map features we have. It seemed like a good time to start sharing those.
  • Many minor bug fixes and optimizations to the maps.

Screenshot 67

As to the progress of Port Titan (Map 6), there isn't much to report. As I said, @BarefootMapMaker has been really busy with work, and working on a brand new map after a long day of driving is often the last thing on his mind. That said, we'll post some WIP screenshots when there's enough to show off.

Until then, we hope that this more polished version of the Map set will keep you all playing. We love to see your playthroughs, so if you do a video, link it in the comments!

We've also put together a Settings Guide for Project Brutality, which should help getting it set up for the best Dragon Sector experience.

Alright, enough waffling!

Rip and Tear!

@BarefootMapMaker & @DarynS

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