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The latest version release for Kane's Wrath Reloaded.

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The mod has been released now as a beta version. The size of the mod is going to be so big that this could be the biggest mod of C&C3 thus far. It'll also mark as the first C&C3 mod so have the four epic units to be played (including the Mastodon).

I did test all eleven C&C4 units and the four epic units I want to put ingame. However, not all C&C4 units as well as all six sub-factions will be in the beta version because they are still WIP. The biggest issues for those C&C4 units to be edited are the death animations and the weapon fire positioning. Some gameplay changes, the epic units and the high-quality music are in the beta. Because the file is so big and possibly way OP, this may be the last version that this mod can go far before splitting everything up and then add balance changes. A version 0.55 is in the works for missing changes and fixing issues that didn't make it. As for the readme file, there's an error. The changes are in Beta 0.5, not Alpha 0.5.


Changes in Beta 0.5:
- Re-enabled EA Logo video with the Kane's Wrath version.
- Added subtitles to the C&C3 HD FMVs in English version captions.
- Added the remaining FX textures from KW for the Particle Templates.
- Added the special FX shader and all other KW shaders.
- Added three re-made KW skirmish maps from PimpUigi (Forgotten Forest, Suburban Arena, Tournament River).
- Added the three epic units from KW: MARV, Redeemer and Eradicator Hexapod. All of them cost 5000 each with a limit of one. None of them have abilities at this time. MARV is equipped with two frontal railguns and two rear missile packs. Redeemer is equipped with a flamethrower and a missile pack. Eradicator is equipped with two plasma discs and one razor drone laser on each side.
- Added the 11 new units from C&C4: Mastodon (4000/40, limit one), Sandstorm (1200/12), Shockwave (1600/16), Spartan Tank (1200/12), Zone Defender (500/10), Armadillo (1000/10), Avenger Tank (1100/12), Cyborg Reaper (1100/12), Cyborg Commando (2000/25), Mutant Ironback (1000/10), Mutant Scrapbus (1400/14). Note that these units are not finalized due to incomplete animations, weapon positioning and weapon usage. All units are temporarily tier-3 units except the Ironback and Scrapbus. Experience levels added for all units. Both the Cyborg Commando and the Cyborg Reaper fire with a laser gun. The Shockwave fires the same weapon like a Shatterer. The Mastodon fires similarly from the upgraded Mammoth Tank but much stronger.
- Added other new units: Nod Demo Truck (tier 3, cost 4000/40, limit one), GDI V-Ox Transport (750/10), Nod Carryall (750/10). Demo Truck cannot attack meaning it has to be destroyed either by friendly fire or enemy attack. The transports only transport vehicles for now.
- All infantry have their built times changed to minimize infantry spam, similarly to RA3.
- All engineers have a three second delay for capturing enemy structures before they are killed themselves, no delay for neutral structures.
- Limited unit spam: Vehicles and infantry will have a build limit of 50. Some tier 3 vehicles and above will have a build limit of 30. There’s no build limit on structures and some certain aircraft such as Orcas, Firehawks, Vertigo Bombers, Stormriders and transports.
- Music changes: Action in-game music will no longer be heard unless you have 1000 allied and enemy units attacking each other, meaning that regular ingame music according to colored zone on the map will be played longer. Also here are the modified and new music tracks:
Main Menu: Red Dusk/CNC3 Menu, Skirmish/Options Menu: Tsun Menu, Load Menu: Explore Unknown
Score Menu: Act of Instinct 3 score and Mechanical Mind score, Credits Menu: Act of Instinct 3, Mechanical Mind, Harvester
Base Building: RA1 Intro/Bog 2004 Remix, Scouting/Flurry/Heroism, Valves/Lone Trooper, Creeping Upon/Depth Charge, Moving Out/Radio 3, Resources/Calculations/Electrode, Base Building/Defense Line/Research Initiative/Aftermath
Blue Zone: AOI3/Devil March, Nod Crush/Pharotek/Phat Attack, Voice Rhythm 1/2, Journey/Bounce
Red/Yellow Zone: In the Line of Fire/Prepare for Battle/March to Doom, Enemies to be Feared/Demolition/In the Prowl, Approach/Defense/Timebomb, Prepare for Oblivion/Impending Doom
Unknown Zone: Trouble/Mechanical Man 1/2, Industrial/Warfare, Airstrike/Traction, Mutants/Gloom2, Dusk Hour/Elusive, Technical Data/Composite, Link Up/Infiltrate/Recon, He Lives/Construct/Infiltrator, Virus/The Streets/In the Tunnel


Nice, will DL and try it when I get home!

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