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Hello, today i want to show you how the Game is going on so far...

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today I want to show you how the Game is going on so far!
I want to show you the Demo version of my Game, its the Version 0.4.37(previous versions arent released here).

To get a first Impression about the Game: Download it here!
I would like to hear some Feedback!

Heres the changelog since the first day of Developing (if you want to know whats done so far):
Version 0.4.37
-T2 Skills (you can learn them at lv 25)
-T3 Skills (you can learn them at lv 50)
-the 1. character named "Funky" is now done
-Game Saving and Loading is now possible
-added Game statistics in the Main menu
-2 new enemys
-Ingame Options

-MenĂ¼ improved
-Accuracy calculation improved(so higher your accuracy compared to the enemyDefense is so higher is the chance to make maxDamage)
-Name and Lv. is now shown under enemys
-Enemy movement improved
-Tutorial improved
-more effects+better Skill effects
-Graphical Improvement
-Some skills now need requirements
-Critical Damage is now shown as purple number
(blue: normale Damage, Red: enemy Damage)
-More changeable controls
-More intern Impovements

Version 0.2.1
-Tutorial added
-T1 Skills(at lvl 10)
-HP/MP essence added(use them to heal you)
-Monsters can drop coins now
-You can die (Underworld)
-Level-Up System improved
-litte graphic Updates
-Some other Improvements

Version 0.1.6
-New Move engine
-some little Bugfixes

Version 0.1
-Level Up system
-Ability Window(AB-Points, etc.)
-Skill Window(SkillPoints,etc.)
-Accuracy-/Defense-/Speed- and Damage Calculation
-You can choose your own keys
-The first Monster
-Some other things

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