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I've just uploaded v0.4 of StuntCarOnline -- now with first pass AI opponent! (And a lovely attract mode) - I've also spruced up the website a bit... Come and check it out!

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A screenshot of the new website

Hello there, thought I'd forgotten about you hadn't you? Admit it... Go on...

A new version is online, if you refresh, you should get the new version...


FEATURE: AI - Yes!, First pass AI is in the game now... I nearly cried like a newborn when my little AI car completed his first flying lap. It brings a tear to my eye... He'll reset if he falls off the track (I'd say he's not the greatest driver, or the fastest.. But then I've seen him land the big jump backwards, and then continue on to do the entire lap BACKWARDS, and then perform a J-turn on the start/finish straight - No kidding.. I was wooping when he did that one)

FEATURE: Attract mode... Yes, I know someone might be slightly upset because I've done away with the pastel coloured flat background login screen, but hey... I think this is better.
TODO: Add more camera modes... let the user interact with it?

BUG FIX: Removed the "start race" button from in game, it was causing an 'issue' with the AI... Will put it back one day, but in a real fashion not some hacky RPC call crap.

FEATURE: Slight Website update to make it look better. (Oooh carbon fibre) - and added an info panel across the top...

TRACK CHANGE: Altered the landing area of the big jump, the AI simply couldn't cope with the "jump bounce" off the second jump. I've flattened it, in my testing it hasn't really helped or hindered my lap times, but I expect some people will benefit from it, (the good news is it should be easier to land more often now.. just don't exceed 210mph on lift off)

In other news, I was certain I was on for a 0.57 this morning, but I screwed up the last corner... I expect 0.56 to be the theoretical limit... But someone needs to prove it!


It's great fun. although a mode with lighter graphics would be appreciated. My computer can't handle all the post possessing awesomeness.

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How do you restart if you fall down?

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Awesome news! sadly, I don't know when I'll be able to0 play it, my pc is dying :/ (the most awesome 3d graphics that it can handle are the ones from Quake 1 T_T )


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StuntCarOnline Author

@linfosoma: just press Return, it gets you back on track.

@Aico: That's a very good point, I'm making it on a pretty powerful machine, eventually the download version will have graphic settings. (Which I might carry over to the web player version if I can figure out how to do it!)

@Midnightmare: might be a push if you can only handle Quake 1! One big graphic saving you can make is press the "M" key to turn off the map... (which is a bit expensive on the frame rate)

Thanks for the comments everyone!

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