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The fourth update for Alternate Worlds while in it's alpha stage of testing.

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Added: Friend system, you can now add people you have met to your friend list which enables you to send private messages to each other.
Added: Guilds, players can now create their own Guilds and set ranks, privileges and information. Guilds are created by first setting up a Guild Registration building within a Settlement. Players can then talk to the NPC within the Guild Registration building to create their own guilds.
Added: Biological Armor, currently only with two powers - partial and full. Biological Armor gives the user an increased armor rating at the cost of movement speed and inability to use weapons or armor.
Added: More biomes, players can now come across snowy and mountainous terrain.
Added: Envy Daemons, capable of materializing in the physical realm as an ink-like being without having to possess a human. Envy Daemons are able to fuse with humans instead, offering them a more powerful version of possession.

Changed: Lightened the color of the water to make it look more appealing compared to land.

Fixed: Projectiles can now be thrown in a 360 degree angle without hitting the person throwing them if they're facing north or east.

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