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New Sector Six version is going to be released next Sunday, December 6th!

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Game is now ready to be played, now I only need to prepare for release!
The official release date is next Sunday, December 6th!
Get ready!

What's new in Sector Six version 0.3.0:

New GUI.
New music and sounds.
Escort missions.
​Resurrection missions.
Improved etalons.
Hard mode.
Improved alloy containers.
Doubled frames per second.
Improved tutorial.
Hundreds of small improvements.


PictureNew spaceship interface

PictureNew technology interface

PictureEscort mission

PictureResurrection mission


PictureTutorial boss


peterpixelboss - - 2 comments

I love the look man I love the aproach to design Ido pixel art and would love to contribute to this game.

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Zuurix Author
Zuurix - - 53 comments

Thanks, but I don't need help with graphics.

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peterpixelboss - - 2 comments

Cheers hope it turns out well.

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KryliaViru - - 128 comments

Oh man, OH MAN. You just got my internal hype train rolling, and there are no brakes.

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Zuurix Author
Zuurix - - 53 comments

Oops, I accidentally -1 your comment!
I did it because I wanted to +1 it.
Feels good to know you are so hyped =]

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