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A lot of new things in the version ! I'm looking for beta tester to find out the bugs and also answer some questions !

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Hi all !

It took me more time than expected but here is the new version.



What's new ?

Content :

  • 3 new stages
    • River
    • Mountain
    • Mountain Village

  • 4 new ennemies
    • Water elemental
    • Plant spitter
    • Plant spreader
    • Orc

  • 1 new boss
    • Plant Queen

  • 1 new building
    • The bank

  • 1 new quest
  • 2 new mechanisms
    • Underwater
    • Bumpshrooms

  • 1 vehicle
    • The boat


  • Food can be carried and used later as a normal item
  • Red potion removed
  • Optimized monsters spawn
  • Doubled heroes max life
  • More stuff I can't recall at all !

I'm currently looking for beta tester to try the game and point out any bug encountered.
Besides this, there are also answers I would need :

  • How long did you need to finish this version (when reaching the 2 village) ?
  • How about the difficulty ? Is it too hard or too easy ?
  • What do you think of the current boss ?
  • Who's your favorite hero so far and why ?

If some people would be so kind as to answer those, it would help me greatly to improve the game.
Important notice : I know stages lack a lot in content and decor, they will be added later on. Bosses design will also be reworked later on.

I'm currently working on the next champion, the summoner as well as its own quest.

More information later in the week !

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