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New alpha of Version 0.3 available! Potential level contributors, listen up! :D

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The mastermind behind the Blocks of Doom II's ACS (Action Code Script) library system, Carlcyber, has finished his massive overhaul. Version 0.3 alpha 2 and its improved level editor are now available to anyone who wishes to contribute levels. =D

Since they're not official (finished) releases, I'll be posting the links here.

On a side note, all four Worlds for the User Episode have now been claimed, so on top of the 84 planned official levels, you'll get 60 brand-new, user-made levels made specifically for the all-new User Episode tilesets come the official version 0.4 of Blocks of Doom II! The new Worlds are as follows:

  • User World 1: Paradise
  • User World 2: Tech
  • User World 3: Carnival
  • User World 4: Void

Since the four User Worlds' tilesets have now been decided, we need more level contributors! You can contribute to the Main Episode (Worlds 1-5) or User Episode (Worlds 7-10). Register at our development forums and post whatever contributions you'd like to make! =D

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