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Heroes IV Greatest Mod 0.15 version released Many fixes and enchancements in this version, including new objects in editor, and creature, spell and hero changes!

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- Fixed Devil creature-hero crashes.
- Fixed an error which would cause all parchments cost 1500 at lyceums, regardless of level (now they have correct prices)
Bug documented: Gathering Storm campaigns will crash the game in my install. However this is probably unrelated to the mod (It only happens in my Spanish install, not on my English install).

- Changed version of Greatest Campaign Editor from C to the new E.
- Now user modifications to sidebar objects WILL be saved upon normal program exit.
- Map Editor now includes Equi 3.51 objects
Object pallete: Omod->Equi
- Map editor now also includes Equi 355 Objects (including some hidden in original Equi 355)
Object pallete: Omod->355
- Nostradamus Rig Of Health (Ex-Ring of Health) can now be put in misc via the Campaign Editor, not only ingame (so AI heroes can have up to four, or up to six if you add two via normal Campaign Editor)
- Parchments and Scrolls are also added in Miscellaneous items (though Parchments will still not auto-read if not placed manually, as it always was)
- Default heroes will now display their proper Greatest Mod outward appearance for their class, rather than the
- General fixes
Bug: Equilibris 3.51 artifacts are still not placeable on Heroes (Witch Ring, Griffin Helm, Spirit of Opression), though they can now be easily put in maps

- Included Magic Lamp treasure and it's funcionality into main package. (Fight Genies and Efreeti for treasure. It looks like Altar of Wishes)

- Changed Magic Arrow image so it no longer looks like fire (it's not a fire spell)
- Changed Ice Bolt for better effects
- Changed Fire Bolt for better effects
- Resurrection animation changed (potion and Guardian Angel)
- Changed Female and male former Death Knight animations list for both Melee and Ranged modes (now much more sophisticated feel)

- Rebalanced Magi power, which were otherwise very weak for now level 3 (from 36 to 99 spell power)
- Changed description to show they annul magic resistance
- Tweaked some creatures stats, like Halflings (13 from 10 attack, 7 from 8 hp)
- Dark Knight and Black Guard abilities changed (again), stats tweaked

- Documented: Now heroes can have equipped up to 4 scrolls at at a time (they use Misc. slot), so uo to four spells can be used from them at the time.
- Kreegan heroes will no longer turn to Liches, but rather to Warlords (+10 melee attack)
- Previous Warlords will now be Lord Commanders (+2 Morale to army)
- Now Lich hero is Death Magic alone (Necromancers will automatically turn to Liches, fitting to their default image, but lose the "undead" state if they gain other specializations)
- Wizard King now with Chaos and Nobility (inflicts Misfortune)
- Order and Nobility becomes Enchanter (+20% Illusion and Summon)
- The infamously unbalanced Demonologist class is set to require now Nobility as well, so don't bother banning it. Death+Nature will still get the Demon summoning spells, but they are now weaker and you don't auto-get the +50% demonologist bonus for just focusing on those magics.
- Dark Priest now has Magic Mirror
- Other changes

* Improved some maps such as...
- La Verdad y las Interpretaciones (in Brushmaps)
- "1 vs 1 kill" (in Brushmaps)
- BUILD THE WALL! (In Equi maps)
- Conflux scheme
* Started making some maps such as "False Avatar" (1 player adventure) and Gray Square (2 v 2 battle)

- Added and changed special hero combat images, such as Paskovich being a vampire, Darkstorm is minotaur, etc. to better reflect their bios and images ingame.

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