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I've finally decided to just go ahead and release what I have so far to spare everyone the potential wait!

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Good news for everyone who thought the mod might be dead - we're still active! However, I've been so busy recently that little progress has been made, and what little is made is directed more toward bugfixes. Ultimately, I decided it was of best interest to simply release what has been done so far.

Version 0.15 contains bugfixes for 0.1, as well as a number of small changes. Most importantly, however, this release includes completed versions of Gondor's Blackroot Vale and Lamedon factions, Mordor's Black Numenoreans, and a partially completed Harad! There is still a long way to go in the development of Harad, but what you can play in this version is mostly completed, sans a few armors and all weapons. I've also included an early, unbalanced import of Jurek_Darkwolf's Dunedain troops. Their equipment and stats have not been edited heavily yet, so they are likely going to be buggy. However, the Dunedain along with Harad are in my plans for the completed V0.2.

Additionally, players who were having problems with the font and shaders should now be able to play the game due to the shader update included in the currently used Nightly Patch!

So head on over to the download page (once the file has finished uploading, that is) and try it out! Fight as the Men of the South and overcome Gondor, or join the troops of the Fiefdoms and repel the invaders!

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