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Version 0.13 is now available for download at the Skulltag forums! Go grab it! =)

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Version 0.13 alpha released.

New in this version:
- Added a disguise kit for the Spy;
- The Medic's Medigun now fires team-colored projectiles;
- Added a Nailgun to the Medic's arsenal;
- Added a laser dot in order to aid the Sniper's aim;
- Fire damage now causes afterburn;
- Corrected a bug on the Scout's sawed off shotgun's secondary that made it spend only 1 ammo;
- Due to extreme lag issues, now the Scout has a high jump instead of the double jump;
- Nerfed the basic shotgun;
- Increase the range of the Spy's backstab: now it has the same range of a punch;
- Associated the bots with TF classes.

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