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VERSION 0.1 BETA First Version of this mod. Read the complete changelog below.

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Spell casters: Max energy reduced from 200 to 175 (175 max, 43.75 starting)
Energy upgrades reworked and unique for each race (all energy upgrades develop time reduced from 2500 to 2000)
-Zerg: energy regenerates 75% faster, +25 max energy (200 max, 50 starting)
-Protoss: energy regenerates 50% faster, +50 max energy (225 max, 56.25 starting)
-Terrans: energy regenerates 25% faster, +75 max energy (250 max, 62.5 starting)


New upgrade at enginery bay for 100/100:
-Increase all buildings armor by 1
-Upgrade time 1500

-HP increased from 50 to 60
-Damage reduced from 8 to 7
-Build time increased from 24 to 28 sec

New Firebat upgrade at academy for 150/150: Incinerator Gauntlets
-Change the damage type from concussive to normal
-Splash areas increased from 15/20/25 to 18/24/30
-Upgrade time 2500
-Requires: Armory

-Optical Flare energy cost reduced from 75 to 50
-Healing amount reduced from 200/256 to 186/256

-Mineral cost increased from 25 to 75
-Vespene cost increased from 75 to 125
-HP increased from 45 to 60
-Supply and space increased from 1 to 2
-Damage increased from 10 to 22
-Damage bonus increased from 1 to 2
-Weapon cooldown increased from 22 to 30
-Lockdown energy cost reduced from 100 to 75
-Lockdown duration reduced from 60 to 48 seconds (changed from 130+1 to 104+1)
-Personal Cloaking doesn't need to be researched

-Spider Mine is a robotic unit

Siege tank
-HP increased from 150 to 160
-Supply cost increased from 2 to 3
-Article Shock Cannon minimum range increased from 4 to 6
-Article Cannon damage changed from 30 to 16x2
-Article Cannon damage bonus changed from 3 to 2x2

-Size changed from Large to Medium
-ATS range reduced from 10 to 6
-ATS damage increased from 8 to 9

-Damage decreased from 6 to 5
-Splash areas changed from 5/50/100 to 30/60/90

Battle Cruiser:
-AtS damage changed from 25 to 7x2
-AtS damage bonus changed from 3 to 1x2
-AtS cooldown reduced from 30 to 12

-Build time increased from 30 to 35 seconds
-HP increased from 350 to 360
New bunker ability: Salvage
-Return 75 minerals and destroy the bunker, can only be used if bunker has more than 300 hp.

Missile turret
-HP decreased from 200 to 175
-Damage changed from 20 to 15x2
-Weapon cooldown increased from 15 to 22

Supply depot
-HP reduced from 500 to 400
New ability: Extra Supplies (graphic is temporal)
-Cost 50 minerals and increase supply provided by 4.
-Build time 25 sec (same as supply depot)
-Requires engineering bay


All units regenerate 3 times faster while burrowed

New upgrade at Evolution Chamber for 150/150: Improved Regeneration
-Increase building regeneration by 5 times
-Upgrade time 2000

-Antennae upgrade cost reduced from 150/150 to 100/100

-HP reduced from 80 to 70
-Hydralisk base regeneration is 5 times faster (15 times faster while burrowed)

-Mineral cost increased from 200 to 250
-Damage changed from 20 (normal) to 16 (Explosive-Extra Splash*)
-Damage bonus changed from 3 to 2
-Weapon cooldown increased from 15 to 22
-Regeneration rate increased 3 times
*Attack deals splash damage in 35 pixels area (primary target receive (16+2*upgrade)x2 damage, nearby targets receive 16+2*upgrade damage)
--this has to be done like that to do full damage under dark swarm and have a splash effect

-Mineral cost increased from 50 to 75
-Vespene cost increased from 100 to 125
-HP increased from 150 to 200
-Supply increased from 2 to 3
-Range increased from 16 to 18
-Regeneration rate increased 2 times

-Damage bonus increased from 2 to 3
-Cooldown reduced from 100 to 75
-Supply increased to 3
-Regeneration rate increased 2 times

-Damage increased from 4 to 5
-Armor increased from 0 to 1

Mutalisk Cocoon
-Armor upgrade: changed from zerg carapace to zerg flyer carapace
-Armor increased from 0 to 2
-Size changed from Large to Medium

Lurker Egg
-Armor reduced from 10 to 2

Spore Colony
-New ability to morph in Sunken Colony for 50 minerals

Sunken Colony
-New ability to morph in Spore Colony for 50 minerals

Greater Spire
-Research upgrades 50% faster

-Research upgrades 50% faster


Shields reworked:
Shield regeneration is 6 times faster (42/256 per frame) but start recharging if units doesn't receive damage after 45 seconds.
Each Shield upgrade increase shield regeneration in 7/256 (with 3 shield upgrades regeneration is 50% faster)
Vespene cost for upgrades reduced at half.

-Damage reduced from 20 to 16
-Weapon cooldown reduced from 30 to 26
Dragoon new ability: Overload
Dragoon cannot move or receive orders for 15 seconds but attack 100% faster (cooldown=13)
When overload duration is over Dragoon gets unpowered for 10 second.
Overload has 30 seconds cooldown.

Dark Templar:
-HP/Shield changed from 80/40 to 70/55
-Damage bonus increased from 3 to 4

High Templar:
-Mineral cost increased from 50 to 75
-shield points increased from 40 to 60
-Psi storm damage reduced from 14 to 12
-Hallucination energy cost reduced from 100 to 75
-Hallucination doesn't need to be researched
Ground Weapon added: Psi Assault
-Damage: 12 (concussive)
-Range: 8
-Weapon cooldown: 30

-HP increased from 10 to 25
-Damage reduced from 30 to 15
-Weapon cooldown reduced from 20 to 8
-Ground attack and Air attack separated (splash only affect ground units or air units dependant of target)

High templar and Archon attack aren't affected by ground weapon upgrades. (they don't use weapons)
New upgrade at Templar Archives for 150/150: Psi Mastery
-Increase damage of High Templar(+4) and Archon(+3)

Archon and Dark Archon has hp regeneration (the psi energy around make it regenerate) and size changed from Large to Medium (the Archons "body" is medium size)

AtA range increased from 8 to 14
AtA Cooldown increased from 22 to 26
AtG damage changed from 8 to 14 (Burst=Explosive)
AtG damage bonus increased from 1 to 2
ATG Cooldown increased from 30 to 37

-HP/Shield reduced from 40/40 to 30/20
Interceptors are robotic units

-Reaver capacity upgrade cost reduced from 200/200 to 150/150
-Damage changed from 100 to 2x47
-Damage bonus changed from 25 to 2x16
(Total damage is 94+32=126 - target armor*2)

-Sight upgrade cost reduced from 150/150 to 100/100

-Speed upgrade cost reduced from 200/200 to 150/150

-HP/Shield reduced from 300/300 to 250/250

Photon cannon:
-HP/Shield increased from 100/100 to 125/125


-Added damage type description for every weapon.
-Ghost weapon changed from C-10 Concussion Rifle to BOSUN FN92 (Sniper Rifle).
-Ghost Attack sound changed.
-Tank has 33% chance to play a special sound when set to siege mode.
-Lurker has 33% chance to play a special sound when burrow.
-Lurker Atk and hit now have a 50% chance to display a different sound.
-Battle Cruiser AtS graphic changed.
-Archon attack animation changed.
-Vulture animation is more "hoovering".
-Vulture death animation sometimes leaves a corpse.
-Photon Cannon hit graphic changed.
-Glave Wurm hit graphic changed.

Some reasons behind this changes are:
-Improve gameplay and strategy (reworked units, new upgrades, new abilities)
-More uniqueness for each race (energy upgrades, improved regeneration, shields)
-Make armor upgrades more important (some attacks are separated in two or more to be affected more by armor upgrades)
-Improve some underused units or make more viable through the entire game (Firebats, Scouts, Ghost)
-Improve some underused spells (burrow, optical flare, hallucination)
-Make more defined roles to some units (Battles Cruisers, Guardians, Ghost, Ultras, Scouts)
-Add some features of SC2 (protoss shields, savage, extra supplies, new units)
-Add more realism, without broke the game play (Templars, Archons, Interceptors, Spider Mines, Cocoon)
-Improve/add graphics (glave wurm hit, photon cannon hit, AtS laser battery)

This version is further to accomplish all off the objectives of this mod, future versions will include:
-New units based/inspired in SC2 units (Banelings, Roach, Overseers, Marauder, Viking, Sentry, Inmortal)
-Changes in AI to use the new content.
-More new abilities or upgrades for almost every unit
-Changes in spells/new spells
-Improved and new graphics
-Changes in tech trees

-The mod work only with version 1.15.1
-Playing with cheats (operation cwal, medieval man) make some upgrades to not work correctly (shield and energy upgrades won't increase regeneration, firebat and zerg building upgrades won't work at all)
-This is a beta version. More changes will be added.

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