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Hey guys, Here is the change log for The Hub V0.08! There are many small changes as well as 2 new gamemodes for you to enjoy!

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Hey guys,

Here is the changelog for the Hub V0.08! There are many small changes: 2 new gamemodes, new maps and new networking functionality!


+ Added "Floatings Islands V2" map
+ Tweaked Deathmatch Settings
+ Removed fall damage (temporary hotfix for tp glitch)
+ Added "Speed Boost" powerup
+ Tweaked Player Controller settings
+ There is now "Version exclusive servers" So 0.07 players, cannot connect to V0.08 players.
+ Only 10 people can play in 1 lobby of Deathmatch
+ Games now only last 10 minutes!
+ Changed OnJoined() Text
+ You can no longer teleport to the same island.
+ Added new texture to "Killzone"
+ Added Cinema gamemode! (Currently only supports one video, whilst I create support for user's own videos)
+ Added "The Hub" (This replaces the level select scene)
+ Added "Team Deathmatch" a gamemode where two teams compete against each other to get the most points!
+ Bug Fixes


So, I hope you're looking forward to the patch! (The link will be available shortly after the release of this article)

Please be aware of the purpose of this game before harsh criticism. I will not be completely polishing features etc until later on in development. Thank you for reading and enjoy the update!

Brandon Sidebottom || Frozen Vortex Games

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