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Version 0.05 is now live. It includes elemental modifiers.

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Build 0.05 is now live

The flash version of build 0.05 can be found here:

Version 0.05

Elemental Modifiers Explained

The elemental modifiers are just starting to have an impact on the gameplay. As the development continues, the elements will continually gain in strength. For now, build 0.05 has a location bonus and attack bonus. Since you are new to Daring Adventures, let me give an explanation of the elements.

The elements have 5 major spheres and 5 minor spheres. The major spheres are: air, water, earth, fire and wood. The minor spheres are associated with the major spheres as animus, dark, holy, magic and crafted, respectively. Each element has one element that it controls and one element as an agonist. For instance, air controls earth but gets controlled itself by wood. Darkness controls magic, but is extinguished by holy. Each of the major elements has a lesser degree of control/agonist over the minor spheres, and vice versa. For instance, fire has a little bit of control over crafted and is controlled itself to some degree by darkness.

Element Control and Agonists

What this means for gameplay is that you can build your deck to better focus your attacks. For now, this may be done by utilizing a location bonus or an elemental attack bonus. Each location favors a certain element. The Abandoned Guild Hall is a wood location. This means that any wood based attacks will gain a +1 location bonus. Utilizing elemental attacks has an even greater influence, but be aware that elements are difficult to wield. The four main party members are Rogue (wood), Mage (magic), Priest (holy) and Windrider (air). The heroes will always fail in attempting to wield an element that they do not understand.

You will have to be weary of stacking your entire deck with one attack. You may face creates that are agonists of your favored element. The elemental attack modifiers are as follows: -2 for a major agonist, -1 for a minor agonist, +1 for a minor control and +2 for a major control. Including the possibility of a location bonus, the elemental modifier may result in a range of -2 to +3. This modifier is then directly applied to your attack during the round. In the screenshot example, the Abandoned Guild Hall is of the wood element. The rogue also utilizes the wood element. The Nulling Spirit is an animus Chaos Beast. Taking all of that into account, the wood attack causes a +1 location bonus and the rogue's wood attack has a little bit of control over animus elements for another +1. The elemental modifier results as +2, which would be applied to the rogue's attack roll.


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