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New GUI format, a lot of subtle changes and more animations.

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Been a while since my last update, was distracted working on my nanoreno project even after nanoreno was over. Since Game Expo is near, I decided to get back to working on Roses since I'm trying to submit my game to their competition (which I have doubts it will qualify from the incomplete state the game is in). but I managed to add a few things in this update.


  • Added portrait - Firalda Shocked
  • Entire game reformatted for Ren'Py's latest format
  • "Changelog" button in main menu replaced with "support on patreon"
  • Different "temporary" main menu until I could figure out the new GUI better
  • "missing subtitle" bug fixed, but will need realignment in later update
  • Centered dialog text

I'm not sure if the new format broke anything if you're trying to update the game (I actually doubt it will update anyway since it's a completelty different project file), but as a safety precaution I would recommend you delete the old game and install the new one in its stead. I will not be held responsible of any bugs or broken saves that will result from the update.

Game available here

Also available on the Google Play Store (older version)

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