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Just a quick insight to what is expected to come and what we will be doing and require.

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Hello Moddb Community,

The Team over at Veridian Dynamics is already busy at work with the Mod. Guni has been busy getting some of the Menu and Huds Working but as he isnt a "Coder" hes not the best man for the job. As for our newly welcomed Mapper Obama, hes started work on the Lobby, the very first level you will see and move around in. Our Concept artist, Trigger Happy, is busy at working coming up with Map plans and other great items that you could and might find in the game.

For now Everything is flowing pretty well nothing really to complain about, though we really need more members to the team. We're currently looking for a Modler and Coder at the moment along with a texture artist eventually.

All The Best,

Veridian Dynamics Team

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