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Verde Station will be available on Steam Early Access Friday September 26th.

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What? Tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow. The store page is live and the countdown is, well, counting down. At 9am PDT tomorrow, you can start playing.

KEEP IN MIND, this is Early Access so the game isn't quite done. And this is not your typical Early Access game. It's a secret box game. So once you know the mystery you can't unknow it. If you want to experience the final, fully polished game, please wait. But if you want to check it out now, give feedback, and even suggest content that may make it into the game then get involved now.

I went a bit dark since the game was greenlit to keep working on it and figure out how I wanted to launch. From the very beginning I've known exactly what I wanted the game experience to be and how the story would play out. Throughout development I've gotten great suggestions from friends, family, and other play-testers. Often, ideas I may never have thought of myself. I am a one-man studio after all.

So ultimately, I decided that rather than keep working on the game in isolation for the next few months, I'd open it up even further. I want Early Access players to be A LOT more than bug catchers. Let me hear your ideas and suggestions about the game-play interactions and even the story.

Tomorrow you will be able to play the entire game from beginning to end. Most likely, that path will not change, only what happens along it. It doesn't include all the content I plan to make. Many of the items are not interactive yet. The story is there, although it's intentionally deeply hidden. Give me your input on all of it. Suggest ideas, improve the story elements, get involved.

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