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-If a thief or spy uses an enemy dispenser, no message is displayed. -Remove "silence" and "no glow" hacks from sensor. -Add "sensor ghosts" hack to sensor. -The mod should recognises classes such as "cusstom soldier" rather than just "custom playerclass". -If you krac someone else's mines or pipes

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-If a thief or spy uses an enemy dispenser, no message is displayed.
-Remove "silence" and "no glow" hacks from sensor.
-Add "sensor ghosts" hack to sensor.
-The mod should recognises classes such as "cusstom soldier" rather than just "custom playerclass".
-If you krac someone else's mines or pipes tthen any teamkills go to you rather than the player owning the pipes/mines.
-Krac'd pipes do not cause mirror damage.
-Added "full team score" option like TF.
-The packs should now use a linked list so that theey are replaced first->last rather than in some random order.
-Caltrops have been modified to hit anyone eexcept the owner instantly. They will hit the owner after 1 second. (currently they hit anyone after 1 second, which can be too long in high speed pursuits)
-Airborne caltrops slow movement by a reduceed amount.
-Caltrops can be knocked by explosions. If tthey take 500 damage they disappear.
Thief (Footpad/Cutpurse/Ninja)
*Constitution: Constitution allows a thief to hold position and invisibility despite taking substantial amounts of damage.
*Knife work: Many thieves choose to specialise in the knife to upgrade their surprise attack abilities. This grants the thief increased skill with all melee weapons, and bonus damage with some.
*Silence: A skilled assassin can eliminate an enemy using the knife without alerting their comrades.
*Mechanics: Knowledge of the workings of sentryguns and tesla coils allows a thief to steal their ammo.
*Stealth: Most thieves learn to fall and leap silently to lengthen their careers and lifespans.
*Pickpocket: Every thief can steal to some degree. Pickpocket specialisation allows you to steal ammo much more quickly, and throw away what you can't hold.
*Ninja: The grapple is a favoured weapon of some thieves. This skill increases the facility with which grapple may be used.
*Jogger: Can run for twice as long at only +120 speed boost, but can never stand still.
*Increased stamina: Grants a small boost to sprint time.
*Increased speed: Grants a small boost to running speed.
*Highjump: A runner with this skill can use their leg power to jump much higher than normal while sprinting.
*Gymnastics: Not all runners concentrate solely on sprinting. A little training can allow a runner to fly further through the air by utilising blasts.
*Adrenal Boost: Extremely determined runners can shrug off the effects of tranquilisation for a good sprint.
*Perseverence: Determined runners sometimes fail to feel the effects of injury until the immediate need is past.

Warlock (Initiate/Adept/Master)
-Summon Shambler: All warlocks can summon fiends. Summoning a shambler requires more persistance and practice.
-Summon Scrag: Some skilled warlocks can summon a scrag to patrol the skies while casting 'mass heal' when needed.
-Summon Fish: With practice, a warlock can summon a school of rotfish to do their bidding.
-Summon Grunt: A skilled warlock can summon a powerful mercenary to fight for them.
-Persuasion: Any warlock can summon a demon. It takes a special kind of charisma to get them not to kill you.
-Patience: With this ability, summoned creatures will not wander - they wait silently for prey enemy to come to them.
-Vampirism: Demons steal life with their
*Crusader (Priest/Cleric/Chaplain)
-Invisibility Aura: Allows the crusader to bless a teammate with 10 second invisibility.
-Aura of Light: Makes a player glow, much like they have a flag.
-Elemental Shield Aura: Creates a shield which invokes the power of the crusader, nullifying the element of sniper ammunition. Replaces haste aura.
-Harmony Aura: Makes the aura'd player at peace with their team, unable to harm teammates in any way with damage. Replaces resistance aura.
-Dispel Evil: Allows the crusader to dispel enemy demons for large amounts of damage.
-Demon Lore: Intense study allows the crusader to learn about demons' weak points and thus do more damage with their attacks.
*Resurrect: A crusader may combine holy faith with advanced medical techniques to bring a former casualty back to fighting form. This only works before the fighter's spirit departs to a new body.
-Cloaked mine: A mine that is invisible. However, it has an additional one second delay before it explodes after detecting a target. Otherwise, it's identical to the standard mine.
-Booby trap: A crafty guerilla fighter can place traps on items. Any standard item (health pack, rocket, etc) that the guerilla walks over will be trapped and explode if picked up by an enemy player.
-Fragmentation mine: Simple tricks, like adding shards of metal to standard mines, allow guerilla fighters to make much more dangerous explosives.
-Stasis mine: A mine set up to trigger a temporal stasis device is sometimes used by the discerning guerilla.
-Spike trap: Guerillas can set a trap in the form of a small spike on the ground. This spike acts like a permanent caltrop and impairs the movement of anyone who steps on it. The spike may be destroyed by weapons fire much like a mine.
-Explosives safety: A guerilla with this skill has a smaller chance to set off a land mine, and takes reduced damage from mines.
*Element of disguise: Allows the guerilla to disguise detpacks as ammo packs.
Shock Trooper
*Impact Cushioning: Any blasts that hit both the shock trooper and the firer do reduced damage to the trooper and extra damage to the firer.
*Shielded Armour: All damage taken goes to armour. The shock trooper takes no damage to health until all armour is destroyed.
*Exploding Battlesuit: When damaged beyond repair, the shock trooper's battlesuit explodes, dealing 300 damage to everything nearby.
*Lucky: Some soldiers survive more due to luck than anything. A little luck can always help out in a tight spot...
*TALON: Training allows a shock trooper to handle a grenade launcher modification, suitable for fitting onto any non-melee weapon. However, the grenade launcher's bulk makes charging impractical while using it (replaces charge ability).
*EMP Burst: When the shock trooper charges, an EMP burst is released, disabling any nearby buildings and all mines within a large radius. In conjunction with Exploding Battlesuit, the shock trooper's suit will produce a large EMP burst on destruction.
*Shock Field: An enhancement to the battlesuit causing damage when an enemy is touched. Due to power restrictions of the battlesuit, this is only activated when charging.
-Anatomy: Knowledge of various creatures' anatomies allows a judoka to throw nonhumans.
*Tenacity: The more possessive judokas often learn to hold onto their weapons for longer.
*Enthusiasm: Especially enthusiastic judokas often forgo the chance of grabbing an opponent's weapon in order to do more damage.
*Throwing: Specialisation in throwing enemies allows a judoka to launch the enemy further through the air.
*Counterattack: A judoka specialising in counterattack can strike back at their enemy when thrown or hit in melee.
*Ninja Drop: Advanced falling and tackling techniques enable a judoka to leap onto an enemy from the air, dealing great damage and stunning the enemy for a duration.
*Scaling: Fighters may learn skills in scaling walls that allow them to hang from and climb up surfaces.

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