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The first version of the HoN vs DotA mod has been released!

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Our first public version has been released!

If you play Heroes of Newerth and you have been missing some of your favourite DotA heroes like:

1) Balanar the Nightstalker
2) Bone Fletcher
3) Bounty Hunter
4) Broodmother
5) Doombringer
6) Dragon Knight
7) Drow Ranger
8) Eredar the Shadow Demon
9) Herbinger the Obsidian Destroyer
10) Huskar the Sacred Warrior
11) Magnataur
12) Nerubian Assassin
13) Phantom Assassin
14) Pugna the Oblivion
15) Terrorblade
16) Troll Warlord
17) Ursa Warrior

You should wait no more, because this mod brings them all to the battle for Newerth!

I would like to thank all the contributors, testers, supporters and friends who made this posible.

If you are a HoN and a DotA fan you shouldn't miss this mod, download and try it now!

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