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The updated Rules Part I of VEmpire... VEmpire is a digital Deckbuilding-Game. A Deckbuilding-Game is a game where the building of a powerful Deck is a part of the game's core mechanic.

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VEmpire, a Deckbuilding-Game

VEmpire is a digital Deckbuilding-Game. A Deckbuilding-Game is a game where the building of a powerful
Deck is a part of the game's core mechanic.
All cards that lead you to victory (or defeat) are acquirable within the game!

VEmpire GameBoard

VEmpire GameBoard

1. Goal of the Game

The Goal of the game is to gather as many Realm-Points as possible.
Realm-Points can be collected by playing cards from your hand into your Empire.


This Vampire-Card provides 2 Guldens or 3 Realm-Points.

If the Realm-Value of a player is 37 or more Points this player is about to win.
He will win if the opponent cannot beat its Realm-Value within the next 3 rounds!

Short Card-Type overview

  • Vampire Cards
    Provides Realm- or Gulden- Values. Can be played into the Empire or for Acquiring.
  • Location Cards
    Provides additional Guldens every turn. Can only be played into the Empire.
  • Realm Cards
    Provides Realm-Values. Can only be played into the Empire.
  • Spell Cards
    Provide additional Effects depending on the Spell-Type.

2. Start, Classes and MarketPlace

The Game starts with the flip of a dime. “Head” means that you won - play first and decide your Class first.
The opponent will therefore select his Class from the remaining ones.

Each player starts with a start-deck of 10 cards. Most of this cards have no or even negative Realm-Values.
Therefore you try to power up your deck each turn.
You could buy new and better cards from the Market-Place with the Gulden-Values from your cards by playing them from your hand for Acquiring.

As the Game starts, the Market-Place is built out of cards from both selected classes.
The two left cards are your "Private Deck" and consists of Vampire-Cards of your selected Class.
The two most right cards are the "Private-Deck" of your opponent.
Only its owner can buy cards from the "Private-Deck". However with Spell-Cards you can banish cards also from your
opponents private cards.
The three cards in the middle of the Market-Place, the "Shared-Deck" is built out of all "non" Vampire-Cards of both
Classes. This are all Location-, Spell- and Realm-cards!

This means that each Class-Duel combination provides a fresh and unique collection of cards which offers different
tactical and strategic challenges.

3. Turn Breakdown

At the beginning of the game and at the end of each turn every player draws 5 cards from his Deck.
The player who plays second (the one who selected its’ favorite class first) draws 6 cards, but only in the first round.

At the end of each turn, before the cards for the next turn are drawn from the players Deck, all played cards are moved back into the players Discard-Pile.

This means that played cards - most spells and all acquiring cards - will stay in play and appear again later, because if the Deck is empty the Discard-Pile is shuffled and turns into the ‘new’ Deck.

This is not true for cards which were played into the Empire or cards which had gone in the Graveyard!

While your turn, you can play:

- Vampire-Cards from your Hand to the Market-Place for Acquiring
- Vampire-Cards from your Hand into your Empire for powering up your Realm-Value
- Location-Cards from your Hand into your Empire for additional Guldens each turn
- Spell-Cards from your Hand for immediate Effects

The current player can acquire cards from the Market-Place which are same or less in cost than the All-Gulden value.

Cards that can actually be acquired are marked with a green border.

stay tuned, more will come ;-)

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