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Features & what to expect if you sign up! Link to website!

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Hi all!

I am the owner and developer of a game called Velrania. It’s a fantasy MMORPG set in a Lord of the Rings style realm. This is no generic game like you have played before, each class and race have massive differences that surpasses even World of Warcraft’s diversity.

Here are some key features:

Free-to-play, free-to-win

There is no way to increase stats by spending money. There is a VIP system but it offers only ease-of-use and aesthetics rewards. You can also maintain VIP quite easily by playing casually. No grinding, no paying, get the full game for completely free!

Shaped by the players

Us players decide how the world is. Orcs, the main enemy, give Gold rewards depending on how much they’ve looted from players they’ve defeated. Marketplace is the area for trading and you can choose between a huge amount of races, including but not limited to; Human, Dwarf, Golem, Undead and Elven. All with unique abilities and areas.

Constantly updated

Don’t like something? Tell me, I’ll fix it or give you a good reason why it can’t be changed. All new features (that are added daily) are suggested by players, or suggested by myself and has its viability gauged via polls that other players vote on.

Features for all

Doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or hardcore. PvE or PvP. Story driven or just like action. There is an option for everyone here and tons of features to accommodate all play styles. There’s tons


Although you can play and be successful without joining a clan, being a part of one has great rewards. Clans are more than just a place to chat or discuss via forums, they have real gameplay installed into them. Build an army, share resources, grow into an empire!

Staff options

There are plenty of staff openings available! Being polite and active can give you a good chance of landing a role!

An owner who cares

I see developers mistreating their playerbase constantly, bleeding every penny they can through paywalls and microtransactions. Every player matters to me, every suggestion and bug report is massively appreciated!

Meet me in game, my name is Kenazz :)

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