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An insight into progress made in all areas of the project over the past two weeks.

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First off I'd like to apologises for the lack of updates over the last two weeks. All members of the development team are university students in our final year and as part of our studies we are all required to complete a dissertation, the hand in for this large project was last Tuesday. Getting these dissertations finished unfortunately has bought into our development time and in turn kept us quite silent on updates for ModDB.

Despite this and our silence on ModDB we have made quite a lot of progress:-

The Game Editor

Unfortunately I can still not show you a working demonstration of the game in motion due to unforeseen issues with the Game Editor that have required all of the programmers limited time to fix. I can however show you the progress with the games development within the editor itself and fingers crossed the game client should be working this week.

Within the editor we are able to:

Velisia - Game Editor

- Build the game play maps and define the render settings that the game engine will use for rendering objects behind one another. In the screenshot of the house the line crossing the asset defines if the player character will be drawn in front of the asset or as a slightly transparent version behind the asset.

Velisia - Game Editor

- Set up the game actors animations by importing sprite sheets, setting them to game states within the engine such as walking, dying or multiple idle states that it will cycle though.

Velisia - Game Editor

- Define the skills that the characters will have in game, setting the attacks range, damage inflicted, area effect size, action point cost and any special effects of attacks such as heals or movement based abilities.

Mission Briefings

At the beginning of each level the player will be introduced to the map in which it will take place, his or her objectives and a short section of narrative to drive forward the plot.

Meet the Duelist Article

An insight into the Duelist character in Velisia, covering his game mechanics and back-story.

Please view here.

Sprite Sheet Stitcher v2 Released

Download available here.
An updated version of the original Sprite Sheet Stitcher that we released a few weeks ago, these are the patch notes.

Changelog: (Updates from Original Client)
- Contains a tutorial that can be accessed through the Help button within the client
- Permits a variable output size
- Checks to see if the folder has all of the files in their correct naming conventions
- Will import any size frame (no longer demands 256x256 or 160x160)
- Uses a new menu bar instead of buttons
- Clicking on the generated sprite sheet will open a new window with the sprite sheet (this can be maximised for a closer view)
- Animations generated from the sprite sheet can have their playback speed changed through the menu bar
- A status bar has been changed to disclose key information
- Can save to bmp, jpg, png and gif
- Lots of bug fixes

Thank you for viewing our updates, please check out the rest of the site for more images and information, as always we are eager to hear your feedback and comments.

Coming Soon!

  • Game Play Preview (this time I promise!)
  • Third Level Introduction
  • Level Cut Scene Cinematics

Hope you come back to see these exciting updates.

Chris Wilson
Project Lead

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