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Good news for Vektor Prix! New player ships, new levels, more 3D objects on screen.

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I've been making some good progress on Vektor Prix. I tackled some more performance issues that popped up, and due to the recent optimizations I'm able to have many more 3D objects on screen. So I've transitioned the player ships into the third dimension. Yeah, they still look pretty 2D from above but at least they look way cooler.

I've finished up the first 3D detail pass for the first deathmatch level. It now has its own unique objects like a small town fair. Due to the optimizations from the past few weeks I was able to really flesh out the levels a lot more.

After I finished detailing the first deathmatch level, I started detailing the second one but eventually scrapped it and starting thinking deeply about what makes a good deathmatch level. The racing levels are relatively straightforward to design, but deathmatch has unique challenges that it brings with it. Especially when the game has a top down perspective. I ended up scrapping three levels, and the gif above shows the first level that will replace the scrapped levels. I created new objects for it to give it the landscape of a port or dock area of a city.

Along with the new levels, more changes have been made all over. I reintroduced window mode after optimizing performance for full screen. I reorganized the way detail objects are stored on the map and called to the screen. I've removed the object pop-in from the game, objects are drawn correctly on the edges of the screen now. I've increased the view range a bit, and added a fade-out fog effect to the edges of the screen.

Stay tuned, much more coming soon!

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