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New features, stability and bugfixes, and further improvements have been made to the 0.4 client and server, allowing us to announce that Public Beta #3 will be held on January 26th!

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There will be a public beta test of VC:MP 0.4 on Jan. 26th.

Testing Information

A third public beta of VC:MP 0.4 will be held on January 26th beginning at 12:00 GMT. This test will last at least 24 hours and will continue until the beta testing team believes that enough information for bugfixes has been collected. Beta testers and developers may ask you to do certain actions in order to find bugs or other issues in the server, and in those cases, you should do as they say. Otherwise, you should play as your normally would on any other server.

The gamemode will be a classic Team Deathmatch server, essentially identical to that used in Public Beta #2. There will be multiple classes to select from, including a free-for-all team. Members of the same team (excluding the FFA team) cannot attack each other. There is no objective. Other commands have been added to accommodate stunting.

A later public beta will be held in the near future with a completely rewritten script to test new features in 0.4 in more detail.

Installation Files

Check the downloads section on testing day for the 0.4 client.

A shortcut will be created on your desktop by the public beta installer to launch the server browser. The server browser will automatically list the public beta server in the favorites tab; the browser will then download the very latest client available. Please make sure that you install the public beta to a fresh/new installation of Grand Theft Auto Vice City to eliminate the possibility of crashing occurring due to any modifications you may have on your installation of Vice City.

As this is the third beta of VC:MP 0.4, the main goal is to continue to find and patch bugs and crashes in both the client and the server.

Some useful commands:
T - Chatbox
F5 - Scoreboard
TAB - Console
V- Enter vehicle as passenger
Alt + Enter - Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
/reconnect - Typed into the chatbox. Will automatically attempt to reconnect the client to the server if the server happens to lose connection.

Changes During Beta 2

Stability and sync improvements

  • Fixed the infamous 4D8D45 crash
  • Fixed a server crash caused by the banlist not being loaded at the right time
  • Player slots are now marked as empty immediately after kicks
  • Fixed crash caused by objects being placed out of map bounds
  • Improved spherical linear interpolation to fix issues with vehicles jumping or doing flips while driving
  • Fixed Vice City trying to remove players without asking

General bugfixes

  • Client

    • Dying players can no longer be inserted into vehicles
    • Money pickups no longer appear when hitting parking meters
    • Fixed PCJ reverse speed
    • Grenades now throw properly when colliding with an object instantly
    • Sea Sparrow helicannon is now listed as a helicannon instead of an M4
    • Fixed shots not hitting a player who is scoped/zoomed in with a sniper
  • Server
    • Fixed an issue where entering back doors of vans would cause you to be ejected automatically
    • Fixed custom map buildings not disappearing on disconnect
    • Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to not be removed
    • Fixed a bug that caused objects to not be removed

Newly implemented features

  • Servers can now transfer files
  • Custom objects have been implemented
  • XML files can be used to define IPL-like maps which do not contribute to the object limit
  • Any static map object may now be hidden, including garage doors
  • All vehicles now have an increased maximum height limit of 12,000m

Changes Since End of Beta 2

Stability and sync improvements

  • Fixed a crash caused by IME input
  • More vehicle animations are now synced, including falling off bikes and exiting vehicles
  • Vehicle collision and melee damage are now reported
  • Door rotation no longer resets when entering or exiting a car
  • Fixed a crash caused by using objects without collision models being used for pickups
  • Driver death reason is now reset when setting a vehicle's health
  • Fixed client sometimes thinking it's not in control of a vehicle (caused it to be indestructible)
  • Fixed a streaming issue where objects, pickups, and vehicles were streamed in at incorrect times
  • Maximum vehicles increased from 500 to 1000

Newly implemented features

  • Custom weapons have been implemented
  • Servers can now send and create sprites
  • Added streaming radios (SHOUTcast and ICEcast)
  • Implemented spectating
  • Server browser is now capable of automatically updating the client.
  • Servers can now set weapon data
  • Added map blips
  • Servers can now identify players on a per-machine basis, allowing individual machines to be banned regardless of IP address changes
  • Added protection against a few new forms of cheating
  • Servers can now detect a player's framerate
  • Servers can now set a time delay for /kill
  • Players can now be made drunk (drunk settings in 0.3)
  • The server can now identify players who are away based on when their last sync packet was sent
  • Mouse Y-sensitivity is now tied to X-sensitivity
  • AppData can now be used for writable files to bypass UAC restrictions
  • Crash logs are now sent to the server and saved
  • Chat lines that are part of the same message are now preceded by a "|" to prevent impersonation
  • Radios in vehicles are now synced and can be set from scripts.

General bugfixes

  • Client

    • Attempted to fix crouch glitch with stubby
    • San Andreas .TXD and .DFF files can now be used for custom objects
    • Vehicles no longer continue "driving" due to player keys not being reset when the driver exits the car
    • Vehicle doors are no longer damaged temporarily when entering
    • Fixed door anims on cars without doors
    • Nametags are now rendered under the HUD
    • Vehicles/players no longer "drop" when exiting a vehicle on a server-created object
    • Fixed nametag sizes being distorted when zooming in or out with a sniper rifle
    • Fixed marker for players who you hadn't seen in-game not appearing
    • Spawn screen no longer lets you spawn or select classes while VC:MP is not in the foreground
  • Server
    • Fixed server crashing when closing when players are connected
    • Fixed crash caused by using uppercase filenames for file transfers on Linux
    • Fixed crash caused by trying to close the server when players were connected and objects had been spawned

Bug and Crash Reporting

Bug and crash reports will gain more attention by reporting them on our official forum as described in this link.

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