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We have made great strides in our game, losing one member of the team and gaining another. We also have been doing a lot of promotion over the last few weeks for funding.

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(Norse Monsters)

With the latest updates we have tested, all of our features we have implemented are working without a hitch. We plan on finishing up the core features of the game and making a small demo for people to take a look at!

We also still have our Kickstarter up (found here ) that is still going with a few days left on it. We hope to raise the funding, but will continue to work if we don't. Once we get more of the game finished, if we don't get this funding, we will try again and even have a demo for people to try!

(Egyptian Monsters)

We also have lost our lead programmer, as well as moved another programmer into modeling. No worries though, as we have gotten a new programmer who has already gotten more than we could have hoped for finished.

We do hope to keep these updates coming at a more consistent intervals. We want to keep everyone in the loop of how we are doing. If there is something you would like to see in the game, let us know. Any questions about the game let us know. We are gamers who want to make the best game we can for people to enjoy and remember with fondness! Keep in touch with us, tell us what you think.

(Early Gameplay Footage)

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